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Automatic Teasing Cat Feather Electric Rechargeable Pets Toy Pet Products

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Product information:

Material: ABS body+PC panel
Color: green/yellow/red/transparent
Battery: 2000mA lithium battery
Charging interface: TYPE-C


1. There is a round switch button on the bottom. Press it for one second to turn on and off. After eight minutes of operation, it will enter the standby mode
2. Vibration induction: any area can be triggered
3. The feather head in the box will pop out of the cave at random when starting up, and then attack at random
4. Start up, run for eight minutes after starting up, and then enter the standby mode. If a kitten encounters the trigger vibration induction, continue to run for eight minutes, cycle. If there is no kitten induction, enter the standby mode, and stay in standby for seven days a week. If there is no induction, it will automatically shut down
5. The charging light flashes, the full charge light stays on for 3 hours, and the full charge can last for 15 hours (the battery is in standby mode for 15 days)

Packing list:

Collecting box body * 1+type-c charging line * 1+self feather * 1